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Winds of Change in Philanthropy

by K. Gene Christian Download The Oregon Certified Public Accountant articleFebruary 2005 Until recently philanthropy in America had only one face. A person would make a gift outright to a charitable organization of their choosing, and, in return, the charitable organization would provide the donor with a gift receipt-simple, straightforward stuff. However things have changed,[…]

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Why I Love Planned Giving

by Gene Christian Download the Planned Giving Mentor articleFebruary 2005Volume III, Number 2 In 1984, as a newly hired college administrator, I found myself smack dab in the middle of an aggressive capital campaign. The campaign was off to a dangerously slow start when a wonderfully fascinating retired couple walked into my office with a[…]

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Training Talk

by Gene Christian Download the Planned Giving Mentor article January 2004 Volume II, Number 1 You’ve just been hired for a development job, but this one has a new twist. You’re also responsible for planned giving! You’ve attended a planned giving conference recently, and you’ve helped a couple of people create life-income arrangements over the[…]

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The Financial Services Industry: Paul Bunyan or Goliath?

by K. Gene Christian Download the Planned Giving Today articleJanuary 2001Volume XII, Number 1 It has been a storybook time in the field of planned giving. The meadows have been green, the hillsides covered with flowers, and the rivers flowing clear, cold and deep. It truly has been a land filled with milk and honey.[…]

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Stuffin’ It

by Gene Christian Download the Planned Giving Mentor articleApril 2004Volume II, Number 4 Let’s face it: Planned giving marketing can be an expensive proposition. Creating brochures, sending targeted mailings, conducting seminars and so on cannot only be expensive, but it can also be logistically impossible for many nonprofits. However, there is a not-often-used, but powerful[…]

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Respecting Our Seniors’ Perspective

Gene Christian Download the Planned Giving Mentor articleNovember 2004Volume II, Number 11 Some of my best friends are seniors. Tom Brokaw calls seniors “America’s greatest generation.” Indeed, most of our best planned giving prospects have lived through one World War (if not two) and the Great Depression. Much has been written about seniors in our[…]

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Recipe for Success

by K. Gene ChristianNovember 2003Volume I, Number 2 I’m not good in the kitchen. I’ve been known to burn perfectly good macaroni and cheese and serve TV dinners piping…cold. But I do know a thing or two about how to “cook up” a successful planned giving program. In my experience, there are three basic ingredients[…]

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Ramping Up for Real Estate Gifts

by K. Gene Christian Download Planned Giving Today articleMay 2003Volume XIV, Number 5 For most of us, this period of history marks a unique, uncharted territory in our planned giving careers. While some still claim the financial markets were worse during the 1970s than today, the planned giving field was in its infancy then, and[…]

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Philanthropy in Retirement and Estate Planning

by K. Gene Christian Download The Oregon Certified Public Accountant articleDecember 2004 / January 2005 Much has been written and said about the giving tendencies of wealthier Americans. Whether you hold the belief that they don’t give enough, or that they are quite generous, there is one point that we should all agree on. Wealthier[…]

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For the Love of People

by K. Gene Christian Download the Planned Giving Today articleMarch 2002Volume XIII, Number 3 Planned giving. In spite of the year, just completed, what a wonderful career choice! For the most part, we spend our days helping intelligent, reasonably wealthy people (and their professional advisors), find creative ways to support a myriad of noble and[…]

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Planned giving is a professional discipline few people imaged as a career option 15-20 years ago. According to their website, there are more than 11,000 people supporting the mission of the National Committee on Planned Giving—an organization that didn't exist 22 years ago. Read More

“The Planned Giving School was invaluable...the course not only increased my knowledge of all the planned giving vehicles available, but I also came away with a plan of action.”

Brennan Wood, Dougy Center

“...Our board met and determined that the amount of current bequests is approximately $4.2 million. We simply couldn't have generated these kinds of results, without CEPN.”

Tim Abrahamson, Board Chair, Salem Nazarene Foundation

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